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Budget Time and Música de Cubana

Good morning. Yesterday (12/10/29), Alethea (my officer) and I were in Parliament at 8am to sit down with Anwar’s speech writers (Pak Malik, Arief and Hadi), YB Nik Nazmi and an economist. We completed a budget meeting, followed by a policy meeting. Then I sat and listened to the official MoF budget briefing. After that, I rushed to Tuan Jasni’s farewell tea event.

Having professionally served Subang Jaya for 7 years, Tuan Jasni will be advancing to Bukit Aman under the integrity bureau. I will have a private lunch with him next Wednesday, since Parliament and Bukit Aman is nearby.

After that my officers and I went to the Cuban concert, where I caught up with HE Ibete, the Ambassador of Cuba. I also caught up with the EU, Colombian, Uruguay and Mexico ambassadors. Also in attendance was YB Nancy Shukri of GPS and we had a good and frank discussion on the worrying state of politics.

On the same day, my officers and volunteers attended other functions on my behalf and Paul Mae will be posting these up later.

I will be heading to two more events today and then will spend the rest of the day, preparing for budget debates.


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