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Car Park Berlambak-lambak

This simple photograph depicts three points that Subang Jayans should rightly be proud of:

#1. Most obviously, the official opening of MPSJ’s SS15 multi-storey parking complex, boasting 647 parking lots, CCTV surveillance, and an open-walled design allowing in sunlight and a light breeze. SS15 has gained notoriety for being almost impossible to find parking at; we hope this will no longer pose a daunting challenge for incoming drivers.

#2. Backed by former MPSJ president Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan, YB Hannah Yeoh successfully fought for and delivered this no-frills parking complex at minimal cost, resisting the lure of adding serviced apartments or extra shops on top. This being her pet project for her Subang Jaya constituency, she was determined that Wong Chen would have to be there for its opening, kidney stones notwithstanding. In her own words, “Even in sarong or crutches, I will wheel you.”

#3. Here are the three levels of government—federal (Wong Chen as MP for Kelana Jaya), state (Hannah Yeoh as ADUN for Subang Jaya), and local council (Mohd Zulkurnain Che Ali as MPSJ deputy president)—working together for the rakyat.

Score three for the people!


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