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Conquering Broga Hill

Today my office was closed for the day to do our annual office outing. Last year we went to Bentong to jalan jalan and makan. This morning we went to Broga, climbed the hill, visited the temple and went to makan at the nearby fish restaurant.

We pushed off at 6.30 am. Vanessa drove one car full of people and Abigail was my personal chauffeur. Since it was raining we took shelter and had breakfast at McD. The climb started around 8 am and we came down the hill around 11 am. Sean and Yodhin led the way and helped the rest. I struggled going up, am no longer young lah. On the way down, I taught these Gen Ys how to look for and play rubber seed conkers. In return, they taught me the “dab” dance move. I still don’t get it.


Then it was to drink some coconut shake (recommended by Megan) at Broga town. Then we went to the temple where I took a super cold shower (which my smelly staff and interns refused to do). Then my wife and kids joined us for a feast of talapia fish in 8 different sauces. Nadirah, Tania and Melissa found the extra extra pedas fish not too hot.

It was also Joy’s last day as our intern. Tania will write a longer posting on Joy’s internship later. We gave Joy a letter of recommendation and certificate of appreciation for her service to P104. Lastly, we also had a Daiso secret santa gift exchange.



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