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Farewell to Paul Mae

We had an emotional day at the office. My officers and I had a simple lunch in the office to bid farewell to Paul Mae.

Paul Mae joined my office as an intern in 2017 and was chosen by my then two officers, Tanya and Nadirah as potential officer material. Based on their glowing recommendations, I asked her to do another internship. When she graduated in 2018, we immediately hired her to be our officer.

My office, has a strict “tough love” policy whereby all our officers serve a maximum of two years. This fair policy enables my officers to serve the rakyat for two years (on relatively low pay) thereafter, they are freed to pursue better paying jobs to secure a better future for themselves. Paul Mae will be joining a global pharmaceuticals company next Monday, focusing on financial planning.

Paul Mae is a star! She is one of the best officers, we ever had. She is extremely dedicated, works tirelessly, meticulous, on time, courteous yet firm, very responsible and overall a genuine and caring person. She has an understated sense of humour.

She ran my office as the manager, did the accounts, took charge of my schedule, attended Parliament (defended our honour), did community and also research work. She also mothered and bossed the interns, providing guidance and leadership with patience and occasionally, cakes and cookies.

I attribute my partial recovery from kidney stones to her persistence that I drink lots of water, while in the office. She is well liked by all my volunteers. Mr Leong, my chief volunteer, treats her like a daughter. The P104 office will miss her very, very much. My wife, kids and helpers will also miss her. She will always be a very important member of the P104 family.

However, it is a bit of a shame that her farewell comes during the MCO. In complying with social distancing rules, 19 former interns and officers sent her pre-recorded video farewell messages. My office gifted her with a Kaweco pen; this is gonna be our standard farewell gift for all officers (we used to give out a Yoda pewter figurine). Once the MCO is lifted, we will organise a proper farewell dinner for her at my home.

We wish Paul Mae, all the very best!


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