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FELDA Settlers Get Money Back!

Good morning. I am happy for Felda settlers that they got their RM270 million land on Jalan Semarak back. But the whole episode is just sad. The Sun this morning carried a photo of the title deed being handed back with all smiles from parties concerned. The article also stressed that the land was returned voluntarily without any costs incurred. While Sharir Samad said that investigations will continue, the picture of all smiles during the return of the land, tells a very different “sudah settled” story.

What does the whole episode tell us about Malaysian justice system under Najib Razak?

If you by some miracle received RM270 million and then a few years later someone finds out, you only need to just voluntarily return it to the owner. But make sure the owner does not “incur any loss”. And remember to take a nice photo with the manager and chairman.

Malaysia under Najib, a truly compassionate country of endless possibilities.

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