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Going Where No Malaysian Has Gone Before

I caught up with the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail at her open house today in Kajang. I congratulated her on the formation of Pakatan Harapan where Dato Seri Anwar will take the top position as Ketua Umum, followed by Dr Mahathir as Chairman and then Kak Wan as President.

We also had a good chuckle when she told me about the fixation of the media on the Pakatan Harapan new logo. This is what the news is writing on the matter:

“The unveiling of Pakatan Harapan’s logo has become the object of ridicule among some people because the navigator symbol which is used to form an “A” in the word “Harapan” is similar to the Star Trek logo.”

The opposition coalition president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, however, took the criticism with a smile.

“Star Trek? What’s wrong with that?” said Dr Wan Azizah.

Does that mean PH will boldly go where no Malaysian has gone before?

She said defeating Barisan Nasional would be akin to that famous tagline of the American science fiction franchise.


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