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Happy constituents = Happy MP

Hello everyone, Alethea here! This is a quick declaration of gifts exercise because we like to keep things transparent in our office.

On Monday, a generous constituent dropped by with a fruit basket as a token of appreciation for our office. She had recently received assistance from our office to liaise with the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore regarding her grandchildren’s passport application. During the MCO period, many of our constituents experienced challenges in contacting the relevant government authorities/agencies, and we usually try our best to assist on behalf, as long as it is within the powers and limits of our office.

Today, Chak from Cilisos, dropped by to have a chat with Wong Chen. It was very kind of him to share with us some of Cilisos’s exclusive sauces (they’re not primarily a sauce company). Wong Chen finds it rather interesting and decided to bring home three bottles to try it out.

In short, we would like to thank our constituents and visitors for blessing us!


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