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Helping Vendors in Taman Dato Hormat

We are still doing last minute work on the Pakatan Harapan Budget. We however did take some time off 5pm to visit a constituency matter. We went to Taman Dato Hormat where MBPJ intends to turn an area into a public carpark. The site is currently occupied by illegal food stalls.

The stalls have been there for 8 years and the owners wanted to meet me. It was pouring and the stall where we met was totally flooded in 10 minutes. The stall owners explained their side of the story that they cleared and improved the land, which used to be a crime hot spot. They also invested substantial money on building the stalls. I told them that their occupation is illegal but I will try to delay the demolition to 31st December. I also told them that in recognition of them developing the area, I will ask MBPJ to consider allowing them new legal stall sites.


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