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In Solidarity with YB Hannah Yeoh

At 4 pm today, I joined the Subang Jaya community leaders to support YB Hannah Yeoh as she filed a police report regarding allegations that she abuses her powers as a politician by pursuing a “Christianisation” strategy. These malicious and irresponsible allegations have been picked up and spread by both UMNO and PAS media and websites.

I have known Hannah for slightly more than 4 years. We are political colleagues in Kelana Jaya/Subang Jaya. I say this with full conviction; there is no better ADUN in Selangor than Hannah. In the 4 years we have worked together, we have had about 300 joint community events. I am a Buddhist and not once did she preach Christianity in any of our community events. She has always been very respectful at all events in mosques, temples and places of worship.

Everyone knows she is a devout practising Christian, her book “Becoming Hannah” is a personal record of her journey and experience with God. But the reason why Subang Jaya loves her is not the fact she is a devout Christian per se, Subang Jaya loves her because she embodies Christian values which are also universal in all religions; compassionate, honest, hardworking, fair, respectful and competent.

On behalf of Kelana Jaya, I want to assure Hannah that we will stand by her in these malicious attacks, and that we will continue to pray that the light of truth will cleanse the dark hearts of her attackers.


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