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A Mission in Analytics

A few days ago, INVOKE published its first survey findings. It is a very big deal because it is the biggest ever survey conducted with 100,000 plus respondents. In comparison, most surveys done in Malaysia are in the slightly more than 1,000 range.

Here is the link to the survey report:

What we have achieved since we started INVOKE some 4 plus months ago is incredible and all thanks go to the hardwork of our young 20 something, dynamic staff. And also to Rafizi as chief slave driver and fundraiser. For all of you who have contributed, a very big thank you from the bottom of all our INVOKE hearts!

Many people have been asking me why did we publish our findings. Will it not be better to keep the results a secret? The answer is yes and no. We publish overall findings because the public needs to know what the pulse of the nation is. We keep secret the much finer details of the data for strategic planning.

The real mission of giving out the overall general finding is to target undecided voters (fence sitters) and voters that have given up (fed-up with government and opposition). These targeted categories and you need to know exactly how important their votes will be in this general election. They are the ultimate deciders of whether we say goodbye to Najib and Rosmah. Some 15% to 20% of voters are undecided; they are the kingmakers, not Hadi Awang. If you hang on to hope, mobilise to vote and get your “tak apa” friends to do the same, we will have a change of government, irrespective how Hadi Awang swings.

Sending this message out is also important for the public to track and influence negotiations that are ongoing between politicians. If politicians are constantly negotiating in secret, our democracy will be in peril.

Some have said that our data is not important. Going to the ground blindly and doing deals is not a strategy. If we want change we have to work industriously to achieve it and that means data gathering, analytics, strategic planning and field deployment.

As you can imagine, we now have a massive amount of data to work with and our analytics team have been working non-stop at this front. When the analytics is done, we will form our strategy. And when that is done, in the coming months we will re-activate and begin our field deployment. This process will continue in a loop, to continuously seek improvements all the way to election day.

I urge all of you to please continue supporting our work by clicking this link:


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