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Keep on Rocking, Salty Rebel!

Good afternoon, Nadirah here! Yesterday marked our final work day of 2016 and Yodhin’s last day as a P104 padawan. Yodhin was with us for only about a month but we feel like we’ve known him for the longest time. An adventurer of life, Yodhin will be joining INVOKE Malaysia as an intern in their bid for a better Malaysia.

Outspoken and insightful, Yodhin kept us on our toes by engaging us in discussions on various matters, which would range from topics as serious as income inequality to much sillier ones like what would the sun smell like. One of the many things we appreciate most about him is his willingness to hear out the opinions of others. It’s always refreshing to be able verbally spar with an individual who is open to healthy debate.

While it’s always sad to see our padawans go, thank you, Yodhin, for making our already colourful intern group even more vibrant. All the best in whatever you do! (Although like Boss said, we’re pretty sure you’ll ace life.)



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