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Today in office, I had a morning meeting with Raja, a constituent. He had asked us to submit a Parliament question and we did it, but the reply was evasive and unsatisfactory. So I advised him to meet up with the Public Accounts Committee and see if they will pursue his case.

Then I had to go and get a document signed before a commissioner of oaths, to secure our Parliament funds. The funds are expected to be delivered in mid February, so the office will run on my personal money first.

After lunch, at 3 pm, my dear friend Her Excellency Ibete, the Ambassador of Cuba dropped by to have a chat with me and invited me to the Cuban National Day event in February. Then I went to the CNY decorations school matter. Now am back in my office with my officers, volunteers and interns.

I will be in the office until 10 pm tonight as we have service night. Service nights are where my officers, volunteers and interns deal with constituency complaints and welfare issues. For the record, for the entire year of 2019, we opened up 978 new files in total.


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