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Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Selamat menyambut Hari Merdeka! This is a lightweight non-political posting. The great pictures are courtesy of Mr. Teoh of SJ Echo!

This morning, YB Hannah Yeoh and I were invited to the USJ 9 RA & RT Merdeka celebrations. The event started at 8 am with speeches followed by raising the national flag. I have taken part in at least two tug of war contests against Hannah and lost twice. Somehow she always manage to get some big sized policemen to pull for her team. As expected, again with 2 burly policemen on her side, she won! Many thanks to the USJ 9 team of Anthony and Kah Jin, it was a great way to start the celebrations for Merdeka.

After USJ 9, Hannah Yeoh and I attended the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Merdeka celebrations. Every Merdeka, the SJBA gives out financial rewards to children of its members who achieved excellent academic results.

I will be enjoying the next few days, trying to relax with the family. We may do a short makan-makan trip. But I will probably end up doing some writing for the Pakatan Harapan budget.

Since we are closed this coming Monday, we are also gonna give our Monday Night Chat director/producer/editor (one leg kick all), Tina a break too. No Monday Night Chat next week, we will be back for Episode 39 on 11th September.

Wishing all a good holiday break!


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