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Monday Recap

Good morning. Today I will spend a big chunk of my day in Putrajaya as I have a 12 o’clock courtesy call meeting with the minister of MoFA, Saifuddin Abdullah and also a dinner event there.

This is a historic day as the International Relations and Trade Select Committee will conduct its first ever meeting and the MoFA minister will be briefing us on his priority concerns. Next week, the committee will be visiting the MITI minister on Monday, 20th January.

Yesterday, I had a very good morning meeting with representatives from the Malaysia Reform Initiative (MARI) and USAID. My committee will work closely with them to adopt and adapt the best practices of select committee processes and procedures.

Then I had a meeting with Mr. Alex Chooi, the chairman of a temple in Puchong that helps out several old folk and orphanage charities in my area.

At lunch, YB Ng Sze Han’s office kindly invited my office to join them in their annual rice mixing and tossing ceremony. Each of us brought our own rice, mixed the same into a big pool and then shared out, a sort of “shared prosperity” exercise. After that, I had a policy meeting in KL before heading to give my speech at last night’s forum.

We also welcomed Tuva, our new intern seconded from the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Tuva will be with us for a week to immerse herself in Malaysian politics and community service.


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