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Motion of No Confidence

A big thank you to the 278 constituents who wrote letters and postcards to me to urge me to support a no-confidence vote against PM Najib. If the motion is tabled, I shall do so without fail.

As an update, the Opposition Leader, YB Wan Azizah's motion of no confidence against Najib has been accepted by Parliament but remains in queue for tabling at no. 31. If the queue remains, the motion will most likely not see the light of day. It all now depends on the Speaker, whether he wants to accelerate the matter. With Pandikar, all I am saying is don’t hold your breath.

Even if by miracle, we get the motion tabled, to succeed, we need to get Hadi Awang and PAS onboard plus 24 BN MPs jumping ship. Given the current political climate where Hadi has openly said it will support Najib’s budget, it is going to be a very tall order.

Things are now extremely murky as powerful leaders put self-interests before the aspirations of the rakyat. However we still hope that a decisive political re-alignment may result from the current political horse-trading mess. That within a year, Pakatan Harapan will survive, grow and be battle-ready before GE14.


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