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Najib Govt Paranoia

At this rate, this Najib government is going to collapse under it’s own paranoia. Najib must be having nightmares, accusing Dr. Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Ku Li of trying to topple him. I was in Seremban just now for a ceramah and was told that the rumours and talk in Perak is another big UMNO leader is somehow also making his own moves.

The stress must be so great that Najib has to do what he does best, use money as a tool to solve problems.

Najib has just promised to increase further allocations for BN Parliamentary constituencies in an attempt to quell both real and imaginary BN rebellion. The unbelievable thing is these BN MPs are already getting RM 5 million a year! But then again what is a mere RM5 million compared to RM2.6 billion. This Najib just don’t know how to properly “share – share.”

BTW, Opposition MPs get no allocation from Putrajaya whatsoever.


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