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Najib-Obama Friendship?

My attention and research on the 1MDB Dusable – Najib Obama friendship for the last 2 years has been somewhat vindicated. When I raised the matter in Parliament on a few occasions, people were mostly sceptical about the 1MDB Dusable link and how it relates to the Najib Obama special golf buddy friendship.

What we knew was the 1MDB Dusable solar power deal in Kedah was full of controversy and worked out extremely generously for Dusable. And the Dusable guy, Frank White was a big fundraiser of Obama. Frank White as it turns out, is also a good buddy of Jho Low from the clubbing scene.

This morning, WSJ wrote that Frank White is also related (by marriage) to Michelle Obama. I was told about a special family connection to the First Lady by a contact in Kedah last year, but paid not much heed to it then. The contact told me Frank White was a brother of Michelle Obama and that 1MDB officers were told to do all they can to help him. It is now on record that Frank’s sister is actually married to Michelle’s cousin.

The WSJ also alleges that DoJ investigators are probing Frank White, believing that he was paid USD$10 million (RM42 million) with money stolen from 1MDB. Besides being a prominent fundraiser for Obama, Frank White is also a very big donor of Hillary Clinton.

This 1MDB scandal is just so incredible! Who would have imagined that its sticky tentacles could have even touched the most powerful people on earth, an American President and a Presidential candidate too!


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