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Net Neutrality: Equal Rights Between Bytes

By Liang Jia Sheng (P.104 Subang Intern, 2017) Executive Summary:

  1. There is little to none legislation on net neutrality or even on the rights of Internet users in Malaysia.

  2. Net neutrality has gained prominence around the world due to high-profile cases in the United States, where Internet service providers (ISPs) have repeatedly disadvantaged certain media content providers over others and have prevented their end-users from having free and fair access to legal content.

  3. Net neutrality regulations are needed to curb unfair practices of ISPs and media content providers towards end-users. These regulations should minimally include: 3.1 No blocking of legal content; 3.2 No throttling (slowing) of lawful Internet traffic; 3.3 No paid prioritisation of select content; and 3.4 Transparency in network traffic management.

  4. Net neutrality is an issue that has surfaced in Malaysia only recently, due to a sharp increase of content consumption over the Internet, mostly via mobile devices. Regulations need to be in place to protect end-users against potentially unfair treatment from their ISPs.


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