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NOW’s story on YAPIEM

This Yapiem story is really getting more and more bizarre. A marriage course in Paris is justified on the grounds of combating LGBT!

I met the young man Akmal Nasir of NOW on Monday night at the PKR INVOKE event. He is a nice, unassuming fellow and we spoke about all the legal pressures from the government on his Yapiem disclosures.

He told me that he is willing to face jail and bankruptcy to reveal the truth. We need more dedicated and fearless people like him.

I have been perplexed by this central question, what has golfing, shopping and marriage courses in Paris to do with Pemangkin, a fund dedicated to the welfare of orphans? The money comes from hundred of thousands of contributors from salary deduction scheme and is backed by the government. Whilst the Minister Jamil Khir is in the centre of the storm, the Prime Minister and his wife Big Mama are patrons.

Far right, Akmal Nasir of National Oversight and Whistleblowers (NOW)


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