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Obama Gets Fast Track

Obama now has final approval to fast track TPPA.

UMNO BN must now start to disclose all that they know on TPPA. The cost-benefit studies, crucial economic impact data and geopolitical implications.

For observers of what has been going on in the US Congress in the last few weeks and months, one thing is clear. When American legislators debate about Malaysia, none see Malaysia as a significant trade partner but all treat Malaysia like a geopolitical football. Our geographic position vis a vis the Straits of Malacca is their main concern and how to use the TPPA to control and influence oil and trade flow to China.

Consider this, Malaysia and the TPPA from the American legislator's perspective is to “contain” China, but China is our no.1 trading partner (US is at no.5). So why are Najib and UMNO BN willingly allowing Malaysia to become a pawn in a geopolitical fight at the expense and risk of destroying our economic ties with China?


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