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Compacting the Desa Ria Football Field

We dropped by and visited Desa Ria yesterday. We brought along a senior civil engineer, Mr. Guna to take a good look at a soccer field there. My office is hoping to level and compact the field, to make it more playable and safe for the residents.

We had previously brought two contractors to site and they gave us ridiculous quotes of RM10,000 and RM7,000 respectively. The field is roughly an acre and at most will require two or three days of level and compacting work, after factoring rain. We know it will cost roughly RM500 per day to rent per machine, we need one JCB and one mini compacter. So plus a 30% profit margin for the contractor, at most the cost should be RM2,600 to RM3,000. Maybe the two earlier contractors are used to doubling and tripling project costs to take care of politicians!


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