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One Last Time

Good evening fam, Tina here with some words of farewell for another intern of ours, Kay Li. (So many goodbyes these two months T.T)

Kay Li, whose name rhymes with Wong Chen’s daughter’s name (the Boss loves to say her name just because of that), left the office today to return to her studies at Cardiff University.

Kay Li had many firsts at our office, including making phone calls to strangers for our Family Portraits Project on her very first day and knocking on constituents‘ doors for the same event. Her paper on the issue of homelessness and the Destitute Persons Act 1977 got the thumbs up from the Boss, showcasing her ability in researching and writing (it will be published soon, stay tuned!).

Although Kay Li seemed quiet at first, but once we got to know her, we saw the fun person whom she had been hiding. In her very final week with us at the office, we even discovered the Nicki Minaj in her when she rapped an entire song (from the Hamilton musical) without having to look at the lyrics!

So, Kay Li, bye for now, go get that law degree and do us proud!

(I expect your return to the office next year, Kay Li. I’m watching you.)


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