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Pak Lah’s Motivation?

I just don’t understand Pak Lah’s motivation. I mean PM Najib is absolutely toxic to be with, politically speaking. As the 1MDB scandal continues to twist and turn, no other senior ministers other than Zahid, has come out to defend poor Najib. Where are the likes of Hishamuddin and Mustapa Mohamed?

So why then is the “mister nice guy” of UMNO politics now so chummy with Najib? One explanation is Azalina’s elevation back to minister status must have made Pak Lah happy. But what then about his son in law, KJ who flips flops on a weekly basis and has since flopped back (at least this week) to being anti-Najib. Is Pak Lah endorsing Najib to upset Mahathir?

Whatever happens, Pak Lah should have just kept to a quiet and dignified retirement. For supporting Najib, he is in danger of morphing from the nice old guy who sleeps in meetings to the not so nice old guy who nobody understands.


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