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Parliamentary Replies III: From Bad to Worse

Parliamentary answers from Ministers are getting from bad to worse. Today I got another totally empty reply to my question on the MAS restructuring.

I asked how many mid-managers and upper management of MAS will be amongst the 6,000 MAS employees that will lose their jobs. Are the managers also sharing the pain of normal employees? I have been informed by employees in MAS that there are just too many managers in MAS. I also asked if any directors of MAS will lose their posts.

The answer I got from the Finance Ministry was NOTHING but verbiage on retraining and the need to form a new MAS.

What is wrong with the Minister? Can he not read and understand a simple question? Why give me an answer that avoids my question totally? This is the 2nd totally irrelevant answer I got from the Minister on the MAS restructuring for this Parliament session.


One of my constituents wrote in to ask me to ask about the tapir population in Malaysia. This is a politically non-sensitive question and to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment’s credit, he gave a short but decent enough reply. Much better than the answers to my MAS questions. There are around 1,000 to 1,500 tapirs and the government has a few programs to help protect the species. If only the Ministry will do more for our tapirs than the borrowed pandas.



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