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No Action by MACC on Rolls Royce-AirAsia Scandal

UPDATE: This is a follow up on my earlier press statement on the Rolls Royce and AirAsia executive bribery scandal. When the matter made international news in late January 2017, I asked my staff to trawl the internet and see if they we can download the court judgment. It took my staff less than 2 minutes to find the report online from the UK Judiciary website.

I am attaching the link to that Rolls Royce bribery scandal judgment (Appendix A). I ask you, my readers, to contact the hapless Integrity Minister Paul Low and ask him to do his job by reading Count 12, paragraphs 147 to 162 of the said appendix.

No Action Taken by MACC on the Rolls Royce-AirAsia Bribery Scandal.

The Integrity Minister Paul Low has just sent me a reply to one of my questions in Parliament. I asked what actions have the MACC taken after the UK Serious Fraud Office fined Rolls Royce for paying bribes including a bribe to an Air Asia executive. The Rolls Royce bribery scandal involving an executive of Air Asia made big international news on 20th January 2017.

The reply from the Minister states that no action has been taken by MACC. Paul Low goes on to say that MACC has no information to implicate anyone under the MACC Act. The MACC also calls upon anyone with information to contact the MACC.

The reply confirms the following:

  1. That the Minister or MACC has no clue whatsoever that he can actually download the judgment of the bribery case and read it. If he or the MACC had taken the simple initiative to read the judgment on Count 12 which contains detailed 16 points (paragraphs 147 to 162), there would be sufficient cause for MACC to write to the UK SFO for better information and particulars.

  2. The failure of the government to follow up on this case that has garnered international attention, shows that the government is either clueless, negligent or has no real intention of eradicating corruption whatsoever.

  3. I hope the Minister will read the relevant paragraphs of the judgment and direct MACC to immediately take actions so to salvage what little international reputation we have left since the 1MDB scandal.

Wong Chen Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya 9th March 2017


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