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Question Time and Climate Change

15 October 2019

On my question on carbon pricing at 11.30 am today, the deputy minister completely avoided my original question. I had to stand up and reminded her that 80% of carbon dioxide emissions originates from power plants, and all independent power plants enjoy super lucrative profits for 21 years under their power purchasing agreements. As such, they can afford and should pay a carbon tax.

So, I asked again whether the government has a policy commitment or at least do a blueprint on carbon tax. This time, she answered better but in essence still with zero commitment. She says they need to study, they need to talk to stakeholders, they need to consider the economy. This is not a case of macro economics, this is a case of a handful of super rich companies being asked to a pay a fair carbon tax, like in Singapore.

YB Santubong, the former BN minister in charge of climate change, joined in with a further question. Again the reply was non committal.

When the Hansards are out, I will post up the official recorded words. My officers will also search the internet and post up the video of the exchange.

Bottomline: Climate Action campaigners better work harder until the ministry listens. In Parliament, I will continue to push the climate action agenda and also for the formation of a select committee on environment.


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