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February 20, 2019

Hi guys! Tina here! As you may or may not know, our office is currently writing a follow up paper on standing committee reforms in Malaysia.

As I was doing some desktop research earlier today, I came across an interesting document published by the UK Parliament. Long story short (for details, stay tuned to our upcoming paper), a separate and independent body, IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority) is tasked with the setting and regulating of MPs’ salaries, claims and so forth. On its website, it publishes all of the travelling claims made by IPSA Board members.

And on the document, you can see that many of the travel claims made were for travelling via London underground and many of the claims were a mere 2.40£ per travel.

(Fun fact: Its Board members are allowed to air travel ONLY IF it is unavoidable and THEY MUST FLY ECONOMY CLASS. Accommodation expenses are also capped at a reasonable rate.)

This is something that we hope Malaysia could eventually move towards – where our government and elected officials are accountable to the taxpayers and do not make unnecessary lavish travels.

You can download the full document on this page:…/b…/board-remuneration-expenses/


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