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Refugee Issue

Now more on the refugee boat people issue. In Europe, specifically Italy, the EU is facing similar issues with African migration. This article in The Guardian provides a useful parallel to our crisis.

This is what the paper recommends:

“Neither the EU nor its member states have engaged in a comprehensive dialogue with these African countries about the causes of migration.

It is not just that development aid has shrunk in recent years. It is that African governments haven’t even been asked hard questions about the trafficking networks taking root in their countries – Niger banning people-smuggling this week is so far an honourable exception.

Not to mention the money trail: if the business of trafficking humans across the Sahara and the Mediterranean brings in hundreds of millions of dollars annually, surely that pile of money is not hiding under a mattress somewhere in Libya.

Tracking the money, possibly into tax havens, may be more efficient than destroying fishermen’s boats.

All these questions are pending. To tackle the migration problem, a more far-reaching European approach is needed, not just rescue operations and emotional appeals, however necessary. ”

In other words, ASEAN needs to ask the tough questions when dealing with Bangladesh and Myanmar on causes of migration. It also needs to destroy the human trafficking network.

The entire article is found here:


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