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Some politicians… Self centred and spineless imbeciles

Good morning. I am back to office today with a few appointments. This Friday, my office will be closed for the day as the entire office will be going to Sungai Besar for a final push.

The real work will be the week after the by-elections where my office will sit down, analyse the results and do the maths. We will be making GE14 projections based on the results in the new environment of 3 corner fights with PAS.

There are those who want to accommodate PAS in the hope that during GE14, PAS will honour their word and not 3 corner fight us. Under Hadi, who is increasingly pro UMNO, I am extremely skeptical and opposes this unprincipled appeasement strategy.

Not only are we more likely than not to be betrayed in the last minute, we risk a major public backlash if we sell out our partners, whom PAS has declared war on. This appeasement thinking is futile and dangerous. No wonder people view some politicians as self centred and spineless imbeciles.

Appeasement assumes that we are dealing with a rational leader in PAS. The truth is you can’t apply game theory on Hadi Awang. The thinking is completely radical. Hadi invoking the wrath of God to those who vote other than PAS is just one of many colourful illustrations of the man. Let’s wait and see what the numbers in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar tell us about our near future.


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