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The Passing Of A Family Member

11 December 2019

Good morning. My second grandmother passed away yesterday in Ipoh. She was the second wife of my grandfather, and I have three uncles from that branch of the family. When I was growing up as a child up till the age of 6, I have hazy but happy memories living next door to her and my grandfather in Kota Bharu. They moved back to Ipoh when I started primary school. After my grandfather passed away in Ipoh (he was very young at 51 years old) in the mid 1970s, I would only see her on occasions. These visits were however rare and she was aging and unwell of late. May her soul rest in peace.

I will be going to Ipoh tomorrow, after lunch for the wake and then stay for the funeral on Friday.

Today, the office is closed due to the HRH Sultan of Selangor birthday. However some of my officers will be doing a bit of spring cleaning. Tonight, I will be delivering a short speech in Parliament to the Speaker and other select committee chairpersons, on the subject of Parliamentary reforms.

Tomorrow, my office will throw a farewell lunch for Marcus, my Aussie intern, before I drive to Ipoh for the wake.


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