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The US Presidential Debate: What’s Going On Actually?

I am sure a lot of you watched or will watch the US Presidential debate. Between the two candidates, Clinton and Trump, the media has declared Clinton the winner and Trump was described as struggling on issues. I don’t think that is a fair description. In my opinion, Trump did okay and probably slightly better than Clinton, overall.

Trump went unscripted and debated largely on instincts based on his personal life history. His history is that of a man who had a series of successes and failures. Typical of a real businessman, he exploited the system, avoided taxes, probably did not pay his suppliers too. Actually, he reminded me of the many entrepreneurs I have encountered in my career as a lawyer. He is the typical go getting Alpha male who is completely self absorbed and selfish. But these guys, whether you like them or not, they tend to get things done. However, I just cannot imagine how a rich businessman will help the poor and narrow the inequality gap.

Now that I have been a politician for 3 plus years, I have developed a special “bullsh*t sensor” for political speeches. Simply because I have listened to too many incompetent politicians talk a good talk, and then do nothing.Unfortunately, when I hear Clinton talk, I know this is a real politician. Not as smooth as Obama, but she is pretty damn good. I therefore cringe at her balanced and well selected answers, because only a person who is a career entitled politician, who has never ever done anything except politicking, talks exactly like her. These politicians have perfected the art of saying things but when it comes to the crunch, they have no clue what to do. I despise these types more than anything because they bring disrepute to public office.

I am a Democrat supporter and have a disdain of right wing Republican politics. But in this election, I am not going to bother. If the economy is rosy and all is well, I suppose we can live with another Obama type, charming us with emotional speeches and political correctness. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world of grave challenges; corrupt bankers, massive inequality, wars, terrorism and climate change. The problem is it is clear that neither of these candidates are gonna solve our problems. The really scary question is which one may make it worse?


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