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Things Are Picking Up in Parliament

27 November 2019

27 November 2019

Today is looking to be an extra busy day for me. This morning, I had a Public Accounts Committee meeting, where the Accountant General briefed us on accounting procedures. Surprisingly, not a boring meeting! The Accountant General Dr Yacob has an analytical mind and spoke with authority. The good news is the PH government, will fully adopt accrual accounting by 2021.

Then I had a lunch meeting with Mr. David Elders together with PAC Chairperson YB Noraini, to discuss PAC reforms. Mr. Elders is on a UNDP project to recommend Parliamentary reforms. After that, I had a meeting with Bryan from Barclays, Singapore on state of the Malaysian economy. Bryan shared many interesting views on the global trade war. This meeting was followed by a meeting with representatives from a group of pharmaceutical companies. They have several issues and needed someone to listen and advise.

I will now head out for a couple of hours to meet Anwar Ibrahim and will be back to Parliament at 6 pm. Tonight, Parliament is expected to end around 9 or 10 pm. As such, I will not be in for my Wednesday office service night. However, as usual, my volunteers, officers and interns will be in my office tonight to assist and tend to my constituents on my behalf.


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