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To DJ, Enigma, and Quartermaster: May Your Path be Filled with Cheer and Song

Hello, everyone! It’s Nadirah here, wishing you a relaxing weekend ahead.

Friday was a bit of a bittersweet day for us. It was three of our interns’—Arielle, Leann, and Megan—last day with at the office. Usually, we throw a nice farewell lunch to celebrate their graduation from the P104 Jedi Academy, but Wong Chen couldn’t make it because he was at home, crippled from the pain of his kidney stones (and possibly a urinary tract infection, gosh!).

So instead of him coming to the party, we decided to bring the party to him (pretty sure it didn’t help lessen his pain whatsoever).

It’s really sad to see Arielle, Leann, and Megan go. They were undoubtedly fantastic interns, and it was an absolute pleasure to have known them. While we would love to keep them around a little longer, life tragically got in the way—Arielle will be returning to Shanghai to complete her education while Leann and Megan will be starting their final semester in Global Studies and International Studies respectively at Monash (although Megan will be joining us as a permanent staff come this December).

All the best to the three of you; may the path you walk, whether less travelled or otherwise, be filled with cheer and song.


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