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TPPA and China’s Economy

A very happy new year to everyone! My office is very busy with TPPA stuff. I’ve just done a press statement on the PwC Report about the TPPA, and I am doing another press conference tomorrow on the TPPA again at 11 am in the PKR HQ. I intend to do at least two press conferences a week leading to the TPPA special Parliamentary sitting on 26th and 27th January. Immediately after the sitting, on 28th January, I will be going to London for 8 days to meet Malaysian students on a UK speaking tour with Rafizi Ramli. YB Rafizi has planned the visit, I am just the guest speaker, so to speak. It will be my first trip back to the UK in 10 years and I will be going back to my alma mater, Warwick University. I will post details of my itinerary as the date nears.

Lastly, I am very concerned about developments in China. For its stock market to close twice in a week is a sure sign of bad things to come. The stock market is normally an advanced indicator by a few good months of the overall health of an economy. So if the stock market is correct, in the months ahead, China’s economy may slow down dramatically.

China is Malaysia’s number one trade partner and is also a big buyer of our commodities. If China slows, we too will face economic problems.


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