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Update on YB Mansor

21 October 2019

A bit of a drama in Parliament earlier when YB Mansor of Nibong Tebal suddenly collapsed at mid-speech. I jumped up and stopped his fall, YB Syed Ibrahim (who sits behind us) rushed and joined the rescue, and together we lowered him to the floor. YB Mansor was reasonably alert even then, with his eyes open.

YB Kelvin Yii came to administer first aid and lifted YB Mansor’s feet. Dr. Muru, the Parliament doctor and his assistant arrived within a minute and took over. After a few minutes, they got YB Mansor up on a wheelchair and then to the Parliament clinic. YB Syed and I went to visit him at the clinic and he seemed stable and well enough to talk to us. YB Mansor was then transferred to IJN for further observations.

On another sad note, YB Thomas Su’s father passed away. My deepest condolences to him and his family.

It has been a strange and sad day, YB Thomas sits to my right and YB Mansor sits to my left.


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