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US Upgrade of Malaysia’s Human Trafficking Record

The other big story besides 1MDB today, is the possibility of a US upgrade of Malaysia’s human trafficking record (US Monday – tomorrow early morning Malaysia).

Before the Rohingya story exploded last March, we were already at the lowest level – Tier 3. With the Rohingya story, we would have sunk to lower than hell.

BUT now that the TPPA is at the very final stage, the US State Department is expected to release a “friendlier” report on Malaysia.

It is very likely that instead of remaining at Tier 3, Malaysia will be upgraded to Tier 2 – a pat on the back for Najib for doing absolutely nothing. The reason: the US cannot conclude any trade agreement with a Tier 3 country, so Malaysia needs to be upgraded to Tier 2 to close the TPPA deal.

We all want to see Malaysia improve on fighting human trafficking but how can giving a “free pass” to Najib help us to improve? If Najib had caught 20 human traffickers and charged them, then that would have been a credible improvement against human trafficking. But no, Malaysia is where traffickers who murder get away and a country where billions can go missing and nobody is arrested and charged.

My friends, I am very sad to conclude that we now live in an age of impunity.


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