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Video: Full disclosure on the Selangor government’s audit on and freezing of community spendin

My dear constituents,

My office had to endure a very tough five months. Many of you have asked about my office’s quarrel with the Selangor government. Pursuant to our Facebook post on 23rd May 2017 that the audit done by the Selangor government: (a) was carried out without due process; and (b) made six findings that were wrong, baseless, and/or trivial, the Selangor government responded by freezing all of our community spending via a letter dated 9th June 2017.

That being the case, we had to suspend our Bulan Kebajikan programme during Ramadhan.

Subsequently, my office has issued a letter to the Selangor government to give me a written reply by 5:00p.m. on the 30th of June 2017 (Friday). The Selangor government did not meet this deadline.

In the interest of full transparency, my office has decided to publish all relevant correspondences and the report regarding the audit supposedly done on my office’s community spending.

We encourage everyone to read all the documents. We have absolutely nothing to hide as we have done absolutely nothing wrong. As a responsible Member of Parliament, I champion the fight for transparency and accountability at the national level. In this matter which is directed at by office, I will also walk the talk, waive privacy, and honour the faith and trust that my constituents have placed in me.

Here is a 10-minute explanatory video on the issue.


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