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Visiting HQ with interns

I was at party HQ today to meet up with an international ratings agency. I also caught up with my boss, Anwar Ibrahim. My interns followed and got to chat with the boss. Earlier, I was with Hannah and the representatives from 18 masjids and suraus in Subang Jaya. Hannah presented to the masjids and suraus her community allocations for Ramadhan. Ramadhan starts this Sunday, so to all my Muslim readers “Selamat berpuasa”. I am gonna try to fast a few days myself. My wife tells me I am getting fat in the waist. Sad but true. Lastly, yesterday I was at Sunway Pyramid to officiate the Skate Malaysia event. So if you are in Sunway, do drop by and watch (for free) ice skaters from 5 countries competing. It’s on until Sunday evening.




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