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Weekends with the Community

25 November 2019

Good morning. I will be going to Parliament shortly. Will be taking a phone interview from a foreign journalist at 9 am. Today, I have an easy day with no meetings scheduled in Parliament. As such, I will probably work on the Parliamentary reforms paper with the interns.

Here is a recap of some events this weekend which I have yet to report on. Over the weekend, I had six community events, of which three were family days. There was a family day at USJ Summit on Saturday afternoon. Then last night, I had another two back to back family day events. First was at 6 pm till 7.15 pm in USJ 11/3, organised by Singam and his AJK. We also officiated a new cabin there, paid by YB Michelle’s office. Then I rushed to Wawasan 4 for another family day dinner, organised by Councillor George Yap, where I held a long town hall dialogue with residents. Pictures are included in this posting.

This morning, I was woken up by my son at 6 am. He wanted to play Risk, the board game. We completed the game just before boarding his school bus at 6.45 am. As for my daughter, I have to find time to take her to watch Frozen 2. Lastly, this coming weekend, I will be away for a bit of personal rest and recreation. I will be going to Singapore for a family wedding on Saturday night with my wife, and on Sunday night I will be attending the U2 concert with my two brothers!


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