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Welfare Day in Kampung Lindungan & Desa Mentari

A slightly busy morning for my staff and I. We went to greet our constituents to deliver on our Welfare Month program. Its what we call a “turun padang” event.

At 10 am, we were in the Kampung Lindungan mosque to meet Ustaz Zul. Earlier we had asked the good Ustaz to identify 30 poor families for my office to provide financial assistance to. Halimey, my local councillor was also present in the event.

We then visited a young woman who lost her twins at childbirth and she herself became comatose. Her mother who looks after her, greeted us. The event was very emotional and my office will pledge additional support for her upkeep.

After that we went to Desaria, the poorest area in my constituency. There community leaders Ravi and Prakash had also identified 30 poor families. In addition to the 30, we have given another 100 families some assistance this year.

There we were informed of another comatose victim. We visited her and I remember the Chinese lady. She was always active at Hindu temple events. Her husband is an Indian man and she had converted upon marriage. About six months ago, she had complained of a migraine and then suddenly fell into a coma state. We will also provide money to assist her.

After that, I went home around 12.30. My wife and toddlers took me to makan durian as a father’s day treat.

Wishing all a Happy Father’s Day and also Happy Dumpling Festival.


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