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What’s New With INVOKE?

For the last few months, many have asked me questions about Rafizi Ramli.

After the historic GE14 elections, he started a deliberate process to slowly retreat from politics. For more than a year, he had to reorganise his personal finances and pay legal fees for the multiple government court actions against him. He had to work day and night to keep INVOKE afloat, culled the workforce and to transform it into a full commercial concern. His team has been working for a year to develop a jobs platform, which is now ready and open for business.

Below is a message from Rafizi Ramli, regarding his new jobs platform.


I often get messages now and then inquiring whether I will ever come back to politics. Or why I have been so quiet.

I prefer to keep opinions on politics to myself. After all, I have played my part, and I felt I had given my due to society. However, more importantly, being on the frontline of politics is not the only way to make a difference to society.

Changes brought by the advance of technology have always been more radical than the changes brought by the politics. Anyone who has some understanding of economic theories appreciates the importance of technology in making things better.

One of the biggest headaches for any governments in the world is the job market. The younger population demands better-paying jobs and the businesses require the continuous supply of quality workforce for the economy innovate and remain competitive.

Unfortunately, there is a big gap in expectation. Jobseekers feel they could not get the jobs that commensurate with their qualification. Employers feel the quality of the workforce is on a downward trend that they are not willing to pay a higher salary.

It is an explosive combination.

I had spent a good deal of my time in the last year trying to crack the problem with a team of data scientists, engineers and developers.

We think we can improve the job market by turning its two features upside down.

First – the job market business model must move away from charging employers to advertise vacancies. The more employers advertise job vacancies, the better it is for the job market. We need to remove any hurdles for them to advertise. So, we build a job marketplace that is free to advertise.

Second – we can deploy predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence to produce more accurate matching. If we have hundreds of thousands of jobseekers and employers interacting on one platform, artificial intelligence algorithms can learn to identify what jobs require which candidates. Eventually, it becomes a much more accurate recruiter because it learns from hundreds of thousands of job matches every year.

To operate a job matching platform, we require a government license. We applied for the license in March 2019 and finally got our license today.

I can gladly announce today that the AI job matching portal that we have been working on since August 2018 is now operational.

It is perhaps the first job marketplace in the world that deploys online interview with a computer to assist employers to screen candidates better.

Please visit to see how it works.

If you are an employer, please register and start advertising for free. You can advertise as many vacancies as possible, and it does not cost you anything.

If you have children in university or recent graduates, please get them to register. They need to fill in the education and work experience; then they take a personality test and online interview with our computer recruiter (yes, a computer will interview them!).

If you want to help, forward this to as many people as possible. The more employers post job ads, the higher the likelihood someone will get a job. The more jobseekers register and offer themselves for job matching, the higher the likelihood a company gets the right talent.

Many years ago, I told the public that each of us could make a difference. We did prove that.

I want to repeat the same message to many Malaysians out there – we can also make a difference in the job market, without waiting for the government, or the politicians or the big companies to change.

Visit today, let’s turn the job market upside down.


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