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Parliamentary Speeches & Debates.

13th Malaysian Parliament
Private Higher Education Institutions Act Debate (2017)

Private Higher Education Institutions Act Debate (2017)

Lots happening today in Parliament. I took part in the Private Higher Education Institutions Act debate asking the Deputy Minister a simple but direct question; why does the Minister need discretionary powers to decide how much initial fund is required to start a private university. If the university is required by the minister to give a small initial fund say RM100,000 but collects RM1,000,000 in tuition fees from students and the university goes bankrupt, will the Minister underwrite the RM900,000 difference? Other than myself, 4 other MPs posed questions to the Deputy Minister Mary Yap. To the full astonishment of the Dewan, Mary stood up and said she will give written reply to ALL the questions. She put in ZERO effort to engage us at the committee stage and then expect us to vote on a bill. This is so embarrasing and unheard of that I registered my strongest objections to the Speaker. After some verbal jousting with the Speaker, where he first patiently listened to us and then threatened to throw us out, the Speaker relented to my final suggestion to put the written reply of the hapless Deputy Minister into Hansards. Mary Yap should do the honorable thing and resign as a minister. On another point, I also took part in Self Employment Social Security bill. The bill seeks to force taxi, Uber and Grab drivers to contribute to EPF. This is a totally misguided bill. The video is attached. - Wong Chen, Facebook (5 April 2017)
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