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How Can We Help?

We are primarily a legislative and policy centric office dealing with matters related to economics, policy and national and international matters.

Nevertheless, our office also provides direct assistance and services to our constituents in all matters and dealings related to federal government agencies and ministries. We have three full time officers, many interns and eight professionals who provide ad hoc voluntary services.

We address complaints, provide assistance, attestation, and also advisory services on administrative federal government matters. We also provide federal community grants to associations and direct financial aid to the underprivileged in our constituency.

Preparing Support Letters, Appeals and Follow-up letters for your Citizenship

and Immigration related applications.

Our office will prepare support letters for constituents who are qualified for citizenship. Constituents seeking help are advised to bring a copy of all submission documents to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), so to help us in the preparation of such support letters.

We also assist in preparing appeals and follow-up letters.

Internship Programme

P.104 Internship Programme.

Engaging today's youth (and the young at heart) and mentoring the future of Malaysia.

The Subang P.104 Internship Programme provides a unique opportunity for progressive Malaysians wanting to understand more about Malaysia's parliamentary democracy as well as the policy and legislative making process. Interns will be allotted ample discussion time with YB Wong Chen on contemporary topics related to economics, as well as political and social issues. 

If you are above 16 years old and wish to improve your policy research skills, assist in community projects or learn about Parliamentary democracy and policy making, this opportunity is for you.

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