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A Breather From The Office

Yesterday was spent with family and friends. We had a roti canai breakfast with my brother in law and my wife’s cousin and his wife. Then we went cycling around Lake Gardens, then to the National Art Gallery.

Lunch was with Lim and Kit, the earliest volunteers of my office in 2013. We also invited my former officer, Deborah and a former intern, Chris Lim. Deb is pursuing a professional writing career as a novelist and commentator. She also lectured part time at Monash. Chris is interning with Maybank and will be starting his second year doing economics at Warwick University.

After lunch, we shopped at Decathalon. We bought camping stuff and hiking shoes. Went home, played badminton and tag. Ordered pizza and our neighbour Norazza came over for a pizza and movie night. Watched Howl’s Moving Castle (fell asleep, my daughter kept waking me up), Norazza is a big Miyazaki fan. Woke up after the movie, went to bed just after midnight.

It was a real treat, to be doing everyday things with family and friends. Away from politics and the worries of the world. September is suppose to be a time for MPs to recharge, ahead of the long October to December Parliament sitting.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I have back to back Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearings. So I will be back in Parliament for the next two days. Then on Thursday, I will be going to Germany.

Today, I am gonna devote my time with my wife and children.


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