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12 DECEMBER 2019

I had a busy day in the office. I had a 8.30 am policy meeting. Michael Sundram of ss15 dropped by. Then I had three meetings with constituents. One wanted a waiver for his daughter’s student loan. One was a welfare case. A group of food hawkers also visited me to appeal for intervention and time, as MPSJ is set to demolish their illegal stalls. I denied the welfare case; he failed the means test. We wrote a follow up letter for the student loan matter. I called the local MPSJ Councillor to get a briefing on the hawkers matter.

We also had a goodbye lunch for Marcus today. When one of our interns leave, we usually do a Nando’s farewell lunch. His last day is actually tomorrow, so I will put up a posting about Marcus tomorrow. After lunch, I drove to Ipoh for my second grandmother’s wake. The funeral is tomorrow.


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