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A busy Weekend

Good afternoon. I was at a wedding yesterday of Tuan Risikin’s (the OCPD of Subang Jaya) son. At the wedding, I sat next to the Tan Sri Hamid Bador, the IGP and had a good half an hour chat with him. Last night, I hosted dinner for Gianni and Sandra, my Italian and Danish friends whom I have known for almost 20 years. Gianni is an engineer who is also a defence tech expert.

This morning, I had a 2 hour meeting with Madam Dong Weihua, the Deputy Director General of the Research Office of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) & Deputy Secretary General of China Council for BRICS Think-tank Cooperation (CCBTC). It was a very good policy meeting where we exchanged very frank views on foreign policy matters and how to improve bilateral ties. I emphasised the area of environmental technology as something that Malaysia can greatly learn from China. Later today I have a 4 pm, policy meeting then I will have a movie night plus pizza with my wife and children.


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