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A Busy Weekend

I attended 3 events on Sunday. First was on the CNY cooking with palm oil campaign, in Kinrara MPSJ hall. There was a cooking competition and a kids’ colouring competition too. YB Ng Sze Han and myself had to sample 9 dishes and judge the event.

Then there was a Puchong Social Club charity event to raise money for 10 schools, held at Yak Chee school. I gave a speech 50% in Cantonese (which is not very good but better than my almost zero mastery of Mandarin). Lastly, I attended YB Michelle’s thanksgiving event for the Subang Jaya community. This was a nice event to celebrate all their efforts for 2019, held at the Empire Hotel.

As you may know, I have two state level constituencies; Subang Jaya and Kinrara (Puchong) and both have distinctively different characteristics. Subang Jaya tend to favour smaller community events, and Kinrara tend to have bigger Chinese style multi table dinner events. Both styles are fun and familiar. Generally, I will see the same active members in most events and as such over time, one can and do develop a personal friendship with some of them.


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