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A day of meetings

A busy day of meetings. I had six today. This morning at 9 am, I met up with my constituents led by Dato Seri Majid from Masjid Al Falah USJ 9. We had a good chat and my office will make a small contribution towards the repair of the roof of their mosque. Then at 10.30 am, my constituent, Yati dropped by for advisory help.

At 12 noon, Tom and Andrew from the British High Commission dropped by for a chat on foreign policy and climate change. This was followed by Drew and Rebecca from the American Embassy at 1 pm, for a similar chat on foreign policy and trade.

Then my constituents from P3KU dropped by with a box of oranges. Lastly, the Palestinians led by Mr. Muslim came by for a follow up discussion for our first committee hearing in February.


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