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A Dear Friend

My dear friend YB Darell Leiking has resigned from PKR today. He served PKR for 8 years and was the sole PKR MP in Sabah. He is most likely to join a Sabah based party to continue his political struggle focusing on Sabah matters.

His statement on reason for leaving reads as follows:

“After visiting many places within Sabah in the last few months, lengthy dialogues with my wife, children, extended family, church priests, friends and colleagues as well as other Sabahans, I decided that as much as I love PKR, I love Sabah more.”

It is no secret that we are very close and I view him as a brother. His uneasiness has been brewing for some time now, since Anwar’s incarceration.

In fact, when we had dinner at my house 2 weeks ago, he unloaded his feelings and expressed a desire to focus on Sabah politics. Our dinner intervention obviously did not work and as such today, we regretably lost an able, funny and generous MP.

I bear him no ill will. Ultimately, he is accountable politically to his Penampang constituents. I am of course sad by his departure, knowing very well that the strong bond that we had will never be the same again. I would like to remain friends with him and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. May he continue to fight for the rakyat and make Malaysia better.


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