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A Happy, Happy Retirement to Dato’ Nor Hisham!

Last night YB Hannah Yeoh‘s office and my office hosted a farewell dinner for former mayor Dato’ Nor Hisham. The Subang Jaya councillors and JKP members came in full force to bid farewell to this honest and hardworking mayor. Dato’ has set a very high standard for all future mayors to follow.

In my speech, I reiterated that politicians are the main source of corruption in Malaysia, and that civil servants are sometimes put in a tight spot to carry out bad and illogical political orders. In Subang Jaya and Kelana Jaya, Hannah and I do not interfere in council matters and as such Dato’ Nor Hisham had the flexibility to run MPSJ the way he sees fit and to his credit, he ran a clean and transparent office. There were a lot of happiness as well as tears on a very emotional and rainy night.


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